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NAB 2011 Photo SetSame thing as last year, but with bigger, better, newer, goodies. It used to be all about the gear, but I’m quickly learning it’s about meeting people that you would only interact with on the interwebs normally. See you all next year!

NAB 2010 Photo Set – Duclos Lenses visits NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) every year in Las Vegas NV. This expo is absolutely huge. I usually snap photos along the way and post whatever I find interesting. Usually lens related, but generally just about anything that has to do with motion picture.

Format Reference Chart – A simple PDF giving dimensions and required image circle for specific formats. The image circle is the actual image dimension produced by a lens. In order for a lens to completely cover the sensor or film, a minimum dimension is required. Feel free to contact me with any requests or discrepancies.