Matthew Duclos (me) was born in Manchester New Hampshire in the mid eighties. My father, who’s father was an optometrist, worked for Angenieux on the East Coast until about 1990 when he moved to Los Angeles to head up the lens department at Clairmont Camera. Interested in photography and optics at a very young age, I embraced my Fathers knowledge and learned as much as I could about lens service and maintenance. Throughout High School, I worked with my Father on weekends and holidays, learning and refining the art of optical-mechanical perfection. After High School I went on to work at a prominent Los Angeles camera rental house to learn more about the industry and gain some experience in a working environment. In 2002, Paul Duclos, my father, started Duclos Lenses and I joined the two-man team. Duclos Lenses has grown in size and capacity over the past decade and continues to do so. I will never stop learning and will always strive to out-perform the expectations of others.