Field Test – Duclos 2x Extender

For many years now I have used 1.4x and 2x extenders with my still lenses for both photography and video, and I am familiar with their advantages as well as their shortcomings.  Since PL mount lenses have really become my gear of choice lately, I was in the market for a good PL mount 2x extender. I am now the happy owner of the Duclos 2x Extender and I wanted to take a minute to share my first impressions of it. Continue reading Field Test – Duclos 2x Extender

Closer Look: Veydra 1.2 Expander

So you bought a high-end cine zoom that worked great on every Super 35 format camera ever made. It worked great on your Red Epic 5K. But then Red started making sensors that didn’t conform to any industry standards. The Dragon 6K came out and all the sudden your beautiful zoom lens wasn’t able to cover the entire sensor which was just slightly larger than Super 35 format. The best solution was to use a tele-extender which would increase your focal length by 1.4x or 2x and you would lose at least 1.5 stops of light. It solved the coverage issue, but had some pretty serious drawbacks. But, what if there was a tool that didn’t increase the focal length by much and only lost a little bit of transmitted light? Continue reading Closer Look: Veydra 1.2 Expander

Weekly News Roundup #6

Back to the weekly grind. It’s Monday. Let’s get it started right with a bit of light reading.

0.81x Wide Angle Adapter from Servicevision
Photo courtesy of Jon Fauer’s Film & Digital Times. See original >

Our friend Jon Fauer shared a quick post over on about Servicevision’s new 0.81x wide angle adapter which features a 95m clamp-on for use with practically any 95mm lens. Shown here with the Leica Summilux-C primes. Check out the original article at here >



Duclos Unleashes 8mm Fisheye Pod Lens for VR/Drones


Press releases went out last week for a project I’ve had the pleasure of working on with my fellow Duclos colleagues. The “Pod” lens is a robust, compact fisheye lens with a 180° FOV that makes it ideal for ultra high quality VR capture or drone work. Check out the product page over at >


How To Become a Filmmaker – a satirical video

Here’s a quick little comedy piece about “How to become a filmmaker” (or at least it’s supposed to be satirical – some of it hits pretty close to home, ha!) from the folks at IFHT. Enjoy!

TLS Revamps Their Website


Our friends across the pond at TLS have relaunched their website with a easy to navigate, modern interface. This may seem like minor news topic, but coming from someone who frequented their website, it’s a very welcome update. You can browse the full range of services and products that TLS offer. Be sure to check out their Lens Rehousing section. TLS offer some of the cleanest, most advanced vintage lens rehousing in the world. Top notch work!


Duclos Lenses Shows Teaser Showcasing Their Macro Extension Tubes

A gorgeous pairing – the Duclos Macro Extension Tubes with their new Leica 70-180mm cinema conversion, Duclos Lenses dropped this quick teaser showing a couple of clips from an upcoming short featuring some of their newest projects. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for updates on this project.

Samyang Jumps Into Autofocus


Korean lens manufacturer Samyang, or Rokinon as they’re known elsewhere, have begun manufacturing their first range of autofocus lenses. Traditionally, Samyang was known for affordable, manual operation lenses. The new line starts with a pair of prime lenses, a 14mm f/2.8 and a 50mm f/1.4 designed for Full Frame E-mount cameras. We’ll be sure to get our hands on these and give you all an update as soon as they become available stateside. Check out the press release here >


NAB 2016 Recap, Final

And here we are – our last day on the NAB 2016 show floor. We scoped out all the major lens manufacturers’ new gear, go out hands on some brand new tech and soon-to-be-released models. We spoke with some of our favorite lens makers to see what’s coming down the pipe. Overall, we’re less than enthused… Here’s our closing thoughts on the state of the motion picture lens industry as of NAB 2016. Continue reading NAB 2016 Recap, Final

NAB 2016 Recap, Day 2

After a grueling first day, staying up until 2am to go through photos and data, sorting out what info is public and what is confidential R&D after meeting with so many of our favorite lens manufacturers, we have day two in the can as well. Here’s some more photos from the show floor and some additional product info based on your comments and tweets. Enjoy! Continue reading NAB 2016 Recap, Day 2

NAB 2016 Preview

NAB has officially begun. It looks like just about every lens manufacturer couldn’t keep it in their pants and dropped their news ahead of the actual show, with a few exceptions. This post is a general roundup up the news announced as of Sunday night before the show. We’ll be posting a daily wrap-up with a ton of photos and additional news from the show floor so be sure to subscribe and check back soon. If there’s anything we missed that you found interesting, send a tweet to @MQDuclos and we’ll make him run across the expo to check it out😉. Let’s get to it! We’ve broken the product announcements up by manufacturer in alphabetical order. Continue reading NAB 2016 Preview

Canon’s New 18-80mm T4.4 Compact Servo Zoom

Yet another bombshell has landed in the NAB 2016 battleground. This time, it’s Canon who has struck with a brand new product in a whole new segment, perhaps only tapped otherwise by Sony – The 18-80mm T4.4 Compact Servo Zoom Lens which features a truly hybrid stills/motion design approach with some interesting cross-breed features.  Continue reading Canon’s New 18-80mm T4.4 Compact Servo Zoom

ZERØ OPTIK – A Proper Cinematic Pinhole Lens

The concept of a pinhole lens is nothing new. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, dating back several centuries. The technique and manufacturing practices have obviously been refined since the days of Aristotle. These days you can find a plethora of pinhole products – from garage entrepreneurs making pinhole lenses out of body caps for DSLRs, to boutique manufacturers like Holga. But there’s finally an option worthy of the motion picture industry and it’s demanding production environments. Continue reading ZERØ OPTIK – A Proper Cinematic Pinhole Lens

Leica’s Summicron-C Line Grows with 15mm and 40mm

At this rate, we won’t have any products left to announce during NAB. CW Sonderoptic, Leica’s sister company that manufactures their cine lenses, has announced the addition of two new prime lenses that really round out and fill the gaps in the Summicron-C line of lenses. Taking up the wide end we’ll see a nice, fast, 15mm. And then, to prove that they’re really listening to their customers, the coveted 40mm is added right in the middle of the range. A favorite focal length of many cinematographers that gives just a tad more reach than a 35mm, but doesn’t quite punch in to the tight field you would get with a 50mm. Beautiful!  Continue reading Leica’s Summicron-C Line Grows with 15mm and 40mm

Fujinon’s New 20-120mm “Go-To” Zoom

Ahead of NAB, Fujinon has released the specs of their brand new 20-120mm Cabrio XK zoom lens. With a constant T3.5 maximum aperture, the new zoom joins the rest of the Cabrio line with high quality 4K optics. To summarize, we’re looking at a 6x zoom for PL mount, Super 35 format cameras with a removable servo unit. Want more specs and numbers goodness, read on! Continue reading Fujinon’s New 20-120mm “Go-To” Zoom

Canon Cinema EOS Lens Deals Updated for Q2, 2016

Canon has always been very aggressive when it comes to getting it’s products into the hands of working professionals. Still among the most underrated lenses currently available, the Canon Cinema EOS line of primes and zooms are getting a little push from Canon with some really attractive rebates. We’ve seen these deals before, but they came and went, leaving a lot of buyers asking for more. Canon answered the call… Continue reading Canon Cinema EOS Lens Deals Updated for Q2, 2016