Laowa Improves the 24mm Probe Again With New “Pro2be”

Venus Optics, well known for their unique, innovative lens creations, releases their latest version of their popular probe lens – the Laowa Pro2be lens, building upon the successes of its predecessors; the 24mm Probe and 24mm PeriProbe lenses. Let’s delve into what we know about the Pro2be lens so far.

Enhanced Aperture and Image Quality

Possibly the greatest enhancement of the Laowa Pro2be lens over its predecessors is the faster T8 aperture, providing enhanced light-gathering capabilities. This advancement is particularly valuable for capturing intricate details in challenging lighting conditions and achieving stunning visuals in slow-motion scenarios. Notable improvements to the overall optical design will also be a welcome addition to the latest probe-style lens.

Cine-Style Design and Water Resistance

One of the key attractions of the Pro2be lens is its cine-style body design. The lens barrel of the Pro2be features 0.8MOD focus and iris gears, catering to both manual and remote follow focus systems. This feature lends itself to smoother and more precise control over focus and aperture settings over its gearless cousins. This design element aligns with the requirements of filmmaking and facilitates seamless integration into existing cinematic setups. Content creators can expect enhanced ergonomics and compatibility with standard film accessories. Moreover, the lens retains the waterproof construction characteristic of its predecessors and improves upon it by increasing the portion of the lens that is submersible. This attribute opens up avenues for capturing stunning underwater macro shots, providing a unique perspective that was previously challenging to achieve.

Versatility and Mount Options

The new Pro2be will be available in three versions; a Direct View (straight probe), a 35° Angle, and a 90° Periscope. Each of these versions can be purchases as a standalone lens or as a kit with all three. Unlike the previous PeriProbe which included one rear and two front modules, the Pro2be Kit will include three unique, independent lenses instead of separate modules. So each flavor; the Direct View,  35° and  90° are fully operable on their own, right out of the box! The Laowa Pro2be will be available for purchase exclusively in PL Mount but additional interchangeable mount kits will be available separately including Canon EF, Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon F, Nikon Z, and L-Mount! One of the only potential downsides to the Pro2be over previous models is the lack of an integrated LED. However, with the much faster T8 aperture, this may not be as big of a downside as some people may think.

The Future Beckons

As anticipation mounts, the Laowa Pro2be lens promises to be a significant upgrade in the world of macro imaging. With its enhanced aperture, cine-style design, and water-resistant construction, this lens is positioned to empower filmmakers with a versatile tool for capturing stunning close-ups and slow-motion visuals.

The new Laowa 24mm T8 Pro2be is available for purchase from Duclos Lenses along with the Laowa 24mm T14 PeriProbe and the original 24mm T14 Probe as well as the rest of the Laowa Cine lens family!

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