Sirui Launches Campaign for Nightwalker Primes

Sirui, a renowned name in the budget cine lens market, has just launched an exciting new line of compact cinema-style lenses under the name “Night Walker.” Designed to cater to cinematographers and filmmakers on a budget, the Night Walker series features three versatile lenses, including 24mm, 35mm, and 55mm focal lengths, each boasting an impressive T1.2 aperture. These lenses are compatible with APS-C and Super35 sensors, offering exceptional low-light performance without compromising image quality.

Low-light Shooting Capability

The standout feature of the Sirui Night Walker lenses is their bright T1.2 aperture, which allows an ample amount of light to reach the camera’s sensor and achieve ultra shallow depth of field. This feature is especially valuable in low-light shooting scenarios, as it eliminates the need for excessively high ISO settings, thereby maintaining the image’s quality and reducing unwanted noise. The wide aperture also delivers a pleasing bokeh effect, enhancing subject-background separation and artistic storytelling capabilities.

Consistent Image Quality

Sirui has incorporated extra-low dispersion (ED) glass elements and high refractive index optics in all three lenses to ensure high optical performance. The lenses produce tack-sharp images with minimal focus breathing and precise control over aberrations. Even when shooting wide open, the image sharpness remains consistent and distortion-free, allowing filmmakers to confidently create captivating visuals.

Easy to Incorporate Into Your Rig

The Night Walker lenses share the same physical size, measuring 83.7mm in height and 79mm in width, streamlining your workflow during production. Swapping lenses becomes effortless, as the lenses fit seamlessly into the same rig setup without the need for readjusting the follow focus gearing. Additionally, the geared focus ring offers 270 degrees of travel, ensuring smooth and precise manual focusing for greater creative control.

Wide Compatibility and Mount Options

For flexibility, Sirui offers the Night Walker lenses in four mounts: Sony E, Canon RF, Fujifilm X, and micro four thirds. They are optimized for Super35/APS-C format sensors, making them ideal companions for cameras such as the Sony FX30, Canon C70, R50, R7, Fujifilm X-T4, and Panasonic Lumix GH6, among others.

Pricing and Availability

The Night Walker lenses come at an unbeatable price point, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious filmmakers. During the IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, the lenses are available for just $309 each, or $899 for the full set of three lenses. After the initial campaign, the lenses will be available from authorized dealers for $350 per lens for the black finish and $400 per lens for the grey finish pr a 3-lens set, $999 for black finish and $1,099 for the grey finish. You can pre-order from here.

Final Thoughts

The Sirui Night Walker series of cine lenses presents a compelling proposition for aspiring cinematographers and filmmakers seeking affordable, high-quality lenses with exceptional low-light capabilities. With their compact design, wide aperture, and precise optics, these lenses are ready to help you capture stunning visuals in any lighting condition. While certain considerations should be weighed, the Night Walker series represents an excellent starting point for budget-conscious creatives looking to delve into the world of cinematography.

Please note that, as with any crowdfunding project, the delivery of the final product may be subject to unforeseen circumstances. If you’re concerned about the crowdfunding risk, hold off and you can purchase directly from reputable dealers such as Duclos Lenses who is known across the motion picture industry for their stellar customer support and exceptional quality control. Shop confidently at Click the link below to buy the new Sirui Night Walker primes!

For my fellow lens geeks, tech specs!

Max ApertureT1.2T1.2T1.2
CoverageAPS-C / S35APS-C / S35APS-C / S35
Aperture Blades121212
Minimum Focus0.3m/12in.0.4m/15in.0.6m/24in.
Filter Thread67mm67mm67mm
Focus Rotation270°270°270°

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