New Tools from Duclos Lenses

Duclos Lenses, a renowned motion picture lens specialty shop, has once again raised the bar for professional cinema lens technicians with their latest innovation – the Service Tray Mini and Service Tray PRO. Designed by lens technicians for lens technicians, these new service trays offer an efficient and organized solution for handling screws, hardware, and small components during lens disassembly. With the growing demand in the field of professional lens servicing, Duclos Lenses continues to lead the way by introducing specialty tools that are exclusively designed and manufactured for lens technicians.

Lens technicians have expressed their enthusiasm for the Service Tray PRO, highlighting its invaluable contribution to the lens service process. Emin Nalbandian from Band Pro lauds the tray’s diverse compartments, which accommodate various types of lens components. The high-quality build of the Service Tray PRO has made it a valuable addition to their workshop. Similarly, Kari Fouts from Koerner Camera Systems praises the tray’s solid weight, low profile, and robust construction, allowing it to withstand heavy use, chemicals, and clean-ups. The sticky feet keep it firmly in place, and the multiple compartments make it suitable for lens and camera disassembly. These glowing testimonials from industry experts validate the usefulness and superiority of Duclos Lenses’ service trays.

Recognizing the need for versatility, Duclos Lenses offers two options for lens technicians: the Service Tray Mini and the Service Tray PRO. Priced at $59.00, the Service Tray Mini provides an affordable and compact solution, ideal for those who work with a smaller set of lenses or focus primarily on lens mods. On the other hand, the Service Tray PRO, priced at $85.00, offers a comprehensive solution with its larger size and multiple compartments, catering to the needs of technicians dealing with a wide range of lens components. Both trays are available for immediate purchase from Duclos Lenses and their authorized dealers.

Duclos Lenses’ Service Tray Mini and PRO have quickly become the go-to tools for lens technicians in the professional cinema industry. With their meticulous design and robust construction, these service trays ensure efficiency, organization, and durability during lens disassembly. The positive feedback from lens technicians such as Emin Nalbandian and Kari Fouts further emphasizes the trays’ exceptional quality and utility. As Duclos Lenses continues to pioneer specialized tools exclusively for lens technicians, the Service Tray Mini and PRO solidify their position as an essential accessory in every lens technician’s workshop.

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