ALPA Brings Switar Back to Cinema

ALPA Brings Switar Back to Cinema

Swiss camera manufacturer ALPA has taken a big leap into the world of motion picture lenses by reviving the Switar brand. Their initial set of prime lenses will consist of a 35mm T3.5, 45mm T2.8, 55mm T3.5, 80mm T2.0, 140mm T2.8, and 210mm T4.0. The most pronounced feature of this new set is their massive 70mm image circle intended for motion picture use with medium format systems from the likes of Fujifilm, Hasselblad, and Phase One. Let’s take a closer look at what ALPA has planned for the Switar brand.

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Sigma Introduces Classic Line of Primes

Sigma Introduces Classic Line of Primes

In recent years, vintage lenses are consistently being hunted down by cinematographers for their nostalgic look and “in-camera quality.” Sigma noticed this trend which led to the development of their new line of primes. Introducing the Sigma Cine Classic Art Prime lenses.

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TLS Partners with Duclos Lenses to Support U.S. Customers

TLS Partners with Duclos Lenses to Support U.S. Customers

Famed lens rehousing organization, True Lens Service, based in the UK has had great success re-purposing vintage cinema lenses for a modern, demanding production environment. Their mechanical design and craftsmanship is second to none which makes for some very desirable combinations of old glass in new housings. In order to keep their lenses working diligently and to support their customers who live and work in the U.S, TLS has chosen Duclos Lenses to manage the repair and maintenance of their lenses to the highest standards.

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Cine Gear is Near!

Cine Gear Expo LA is coming up fast! But Duclos Lenses is ready.

In addition to exhibiting our usual collection of lenses and accessories, we’ll be giving special attention to our Lens Service Department – the foundation on which Duclos Lenses was built. Throughout the exhibit days, Duclos Lens Technicians will be repairing lenses right in front of you. Come by and observe our lens technicians doing what they do best!

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Angenieux Fixes Their Focal Length With New Optimo Primes

Angenieux is among the most recognized and prolific motion picture lens manufacturers in the world. They continue to push the boundaries of high-end cinematic zoom lenses such as the brand new Optimo 12x Ultra designed to be an all-in-one no-compromise, flexible zoom lens – down to their new Angenieux EZ Zoom line with ultra fast aperture and versatile zoom range. Despite their plethora of achievements, Angenieux fans consistently offer one bit of feedback at every trade show, every dealer event, every opportunity… “What about primes?”

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Duclos Lenses Brings Musashi Brand to US

Duclos Lenses Brings Musashi Brand to US

Musashi Optical Systems is a fast-growing optical company based in Japan. Musashi specializes in design, manufacturing and sales of 4K and 8K optics for broadcasting and cinema industries, various types of custom-made lenses, and beam-splitters for industrial camera manufacturers. Musashi also makes quite a few accessories for the ENG lens industry including a very clever B4 to PL adapter as well as some lens control units for pairing ENG lenses with more cinematic cameras.

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Caldwell Chameleon – Flexible Anamorphic Primes

If you haven’t heard of Caldwell, you’re not alone. Brian Caldwell has been designing specialty optics for decades under different names or for production by other manufacturers. His latest project to be released is called the Chameleons – a flexiable 1.79x squeeze for both Super 35 and Full Frame / Vista Vision formats. We sat down with Brian to get a closer look at what makes these new primes unique.

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Vista One – More Character from Tokina Cinema

Tokina joined the cinema market with their Vista Primes which were met with open arms for their excellent image quality and coverage. But for many cinematographers, the lenses lacked character or personality. They were simply too clean or “clinical” as I’ve come to refer to them. But that changes with the Vista One primes.

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NEW! Cinematographer Trading Cards from Duclos Lenses

Introducing the first of their kind – limited edition Cinematographer Trading Card series from Duclos Lenses. Each mystery pack contains five unique cards featuring your favorite masters of exposure. Each card displays a photo of these icons of cinema along with their stats and history on the back – including social media handles and best known works.

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