Duclos Lenses Presents Sigma Cine at the ASC Clubhouse : A Photo Recap

Last month Sigma revealed that they were (finally) entering the cinema world with a brand new set of cine zooms and primes. On Thursday October 6th, with the help of Duclos Lenses, Sigma hosted a launch event for these new lenses at the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood, California. The primary focus of the event was, of course, to showcase the lenses performance on cameras and to provide curious attendees with an opportunity to ask any and all questions they’ve been harboring for a month. Three stations, each manned by knowledgeable Sigma and Duclos staff, were thus set up where people could “play around” with the lenses on various pieces of equipment and in different setting including daylight exterior, indoor dramatic scene with a model, and a technical sample setup. In addition to camera setups, Duclos Lenses also provided and operated a lens projector for examining more detailed aspects of the new Sigma lens’ performance.

The launch also included a presentation by Sigma’s CEO Kazuto Yamaki, in which he detailed the company’s history and introduced a short film shot exclusively with the new 18-35mm and 50-100mm Sigma Cine lenses. Sigma also disclosed that the pricing of the lenses would be *drum roll* “very accessible,” to use their words. Although no numbers were released, the company did announce that pricing will be unveiled on October 21st. As usual, for the msot exclusive news and access to new products, join the Duclos Lenses mailing list: http://duclos.tv/signup

Enjoy our selection of photos from the launch event at the ASC Clubhouse.

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  1. Based off the prices of the Tokina’s and their cine zooms it’s unlikely, but considering that you can purchase all the stills versions for under $5,000 it’d be tremendous competition to Zeiss and Canon if they can bring in their five lens set for under $15,000.

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