Used Glass Awareness

With the release of the RED ONE camera, buying used lenses has become a very common practice. I am writing this guide in order to help buyers be more aware of the potential risks and adversity. One of the most frequently investigated sources for used glass is the internet. With the vast collection of lenses on Ebay, Craigslist, Pennysaver, and other sellers, glass has come from every corner of the globe and is now being auctioned for what seems like a great deal.

I receive several phone calls and emails a week asking to review a handful of pictures presenting a lens from any of the said sources and decide if the lens is worth buying. I cannot stress enough, the lack of capacity to judge the quality of a precision optical instrument from a one dimensional photo. Your average online auctioneer uses their brand new Sony Cybershot that takes “amazing photos at a zillion megapixels” (I won’t blather about my detest of the megapixel balderdash) The common and inaccurate method of showing a lens for sale is to photograph the front and rear glass in an attempt to parade the condition of the elements. However, this does not provide any certification that the optics or mechanics are in good working order. Continue reading “Used Glass Awareness”

RED’s new prime lenses: Pro?

With the influx of new optics in the motion picture industry, RED would be silly to ignore the need for high quality optics that coincided with their budget friendly camera. RED went ahead and developed their RED Pro Primes to fill the void. I had seen several sets of prototypes over time at different venues. But I finally got my hands on a production set sent to a customer. There are several other lens companies that are producing competitive lenses that must not be overlooked. This is in NO WAY a plug to the RED lenses, simply a quick review so that I can refer people here to answer some basic questions.

Red Pro Primes Set
Red Pro Primes Set

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Simi Valley concrete company now has high-tech optics in its pipeline :

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Simi Valley concrete company now has high-tech optics in its pipeline

Ventura County Star By Allison Bruce

There may not be two businesses more different than concrete and camera lenses, but for the people behind both Simi Valley companies, it’s about seizing opportunities.

In the case of Pre-con Products, a company with more than 45 years in business, new opportunities have developed by breaking into different product lines and adopting the latest technology to produce more environmentally friendly concrete.

For uniQoptics, just blocks down the road, opportunity came through a chance meeting of two men about three years ago. They saw a niche for making high-quality lenses at lower prices for independent filmmakers.

UniQoptics, formed through a partnership forged at a basketball game, is a division of Pre-con Products.

It was fortuitous for Pre-con Products, which has felt the effects of the economic downturn, seeing less demand for its products as housing construction hit a standstill and commercial and government projects slowed.

The company has 55 employees, about 10 fewer than at its high a few years ago. Annual revenue is just less than $10 million, down from $18 million a few years ago, President David Zarraonandia said.