Rental Referral Initiative from Duclos Lenses

Rental Referral Initiative from Duclos Lenses

I’ve added a simple new feature to the Duclos Lenses website that allows visitors to see a short list of rental houses that have specific lens models available for rental. At a time when our industry is at a moral deficit, this new feature is tiny gesture, a modest attempt at helping the businesses that have been so kind to us over the last twenty years. If you’re a rental house or have friends at rental houses, read on and help spread the word!

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ShareGrid – A New Approach To Equipment Rental

ShareGrid - Super Speed

Rental houses have been the backbone of motion picture acquisition equipment for decades. They paved the way for professionals to get their hands on the gear they needed. The way I see it, there are a few different types: the seasoned professionals who demand nothing but Panavision gear for their projects. That’s fine… Panavision works very hard to meet the needs of their clientele and they deserve the reputation they’ve earned. Then there’s the other working pros who enjoy a slightly more progressive approach with more options. They’ll turn¬†to popular rental houses such as Clairmont Camera, Otto Nemenz, Keslow Camera, The Camera House, and dozens more. The rental house environment has undeniable advantages for working professionals. The gear is properly maintained by qualified technicians, the prep space is an absolute dream at most rental houses, and the overall experience can make your entire production run more efficiently¬†with a good rental house. But what if you’re looking for something a bit more budget friendly? Continue reading “ShareGrid – A New Approach To Equipment Rental”