CineGear Expo ’09 Rumors

CineGear was held at Paramount Pictures Studios this past weekend. Pale in comparison to NAB, but still more motion picture oriented. I had a chance to visit all the booths that I thought were important and talked to several key players in optics game. These rumors are just that… Rumors. Don’t take anything too seriously.

As I understand, Zeiss is considering a compact zoom lens pending the success of their Compact Primes. This could be nice considering Zeiss makes glass for Sony cameras. Particularly their 24-70mm f/2.8.

Picture 1

UniqOptics blew onto the scene at NAB with their new Signature Series Prime Lenses.   Riding on the excellent reception of their new glass, there is fairly certain talk of lighter, more agile primes with similar quality optics. This could be what everyone is asking for. Considering the price of their full size, professional primes is floating around $20k, a compact, lighter set could sport a lighter price tag as well.

***UPDATE: The smaller, lighter lenses from Uniq are said to be miniature scaled versions of their Signature Series. This would likely produce an even higher resolution and would be intended for smaller cameras.

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