Zeiss announces ZF.2 line of primes

Zeiss is keeping their eye on the industry and realized that their ZF line of lenses is very versatile. They started as a throwback to the old manual lenses that made still photograph history. Then they were given a bump with the release of the RED camera and it’s Nikon mount. This made for excellent manual control similar to a traditional cine prime lens. Then Zeiss took another step forward and released the re-housed, updated Compact Primes that used the same optical design as the ZF line of lenses, but with a robust aluminum housing, PL mount, and circular aperture. The next iteration of the ZF series takes a cinematic step backward from the Compact Primes, but forward from the basic ZF lenses.

Focusing on the Video DSLR market, the ZF.2 lenses will have an electronically controlled aperture for use on AE DSLR cameras. The aperture ring is still there for the option to manipulate the iris manually. Data contacts are also added for interfacing with the camera to transfer EXIF data such as focal length, aperture, and other details. Eight lenses total, six by the end of the month and two more by spring next year, the focal lengths and speed will remain the same.

18mm f/3.5,

21mm f/2.8,

28mm f/2

35mm f/2,

50mm f/1.4,

50mm f/2 and

85mm f/1.4.

28mm f/2

100mm f/2.

Basically, this leaves you with the versatility of a modern Nikon prime lens, with the superb optical quality that Ziess is known for. I’m not sure if the housing will change much, and I expect an increase in price, but Zeiss is once again bridging a gap between still and cine. Not uncommon for Zeiss considering they have produced some of the worlds finest lenses for both categories for longer than I’ve been alive.

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Matthew Duclos

A lens technician by trade, Matthew has spent his life servicing, refining, selling, manufacturing, and collecting cinema lenses from around the world.

5 thoughts on “Zeiss announces ZF.2 line of primes”

    1. Nothing for the ZE series. They pretty much already have the features that the ZF.2 have just now obtained. An camera controlled aperture as well as electronic contacts to provide exit data.

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