Universal Mount – Canon Eos, But Wait…

Before you get too excited, a “universal mount” in the motion picture industry is not universal. The universal mount is what is used on lenses such as the Cooke 20-100mm or 25-250mm, and more recently on the Angenieux 24-290mm. It’s simply a sub-mount with a threaded rear that allows several different mounts to be attached, most commonly a PL or Panavision mount. These were fairly common on professional zoom lenses in the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Now, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could put a classic Cooke 25-250mm on a Canon 7D? Yes. Yes it would be awesome. Please observe the awesomeness:

More and more lenses are being dusted off and broken out of the closet to experiment on the new crop of DSLRs. While they yield interesting and artistic results, they aren’t always efficient with the new wave of light-weight, portable rigs that have been adopted by the DSLingeRS. I made that up… Keep shooting folks.

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Matthew Duclos

A connoisseur of fine motion picture lenses, Matthew has spent over half his life servicing, refining, selling, manufacturing, and collecting cinema lenses from around the world. Chief Operating Officer of Duclos Lenses and Founder of TheCineLens.com, Matthew has been contributing to the motion picture industry for over 15 years, and to this site for over 5 years.

11 thoughts on “Universal Mount – Canon Eos, But Wait…”

  1. Pingback: Anonymous
      1. For what reason? You may ask ! what else ..just to do the machining and assembling one for my personal use and I shall certainly make one unit for you as well

      2. I’m sorry, I think I’m missing something here. You want me to send you the designs for a product that we developed, stock, and sell, so you can copy it?

  2. I’m planning to get Century Optics converted Canon 800mm 5.6 lens with a neutral mount with a PL adapter. I would love to attach an EF mount to that neutral mount. I checked your site, there is no info on this are you making these on special order.

  3. I have had super speed ziees carl prime lense 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm. All lense T1.2 with PL Mount. I used to canon 7D camera. if I use Anarmorphic lense adapter, what results will I get .

  4. Can i buy these for the century universal mount? i got a few from century but they are not that snug of a fit on the canon mount side, yours looks more sturdy and precise
    thanks, both my 300 and 800 century lenses are in for service at duclos now.

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