Cine Gear 2011

Last months trip to Las Vegas for the annual NAB show was a great success for Duclos Lenses. We met a lot of new people, had a chance to show a working prototype of our 70-200mm conversion lens, and made a lot of good contacts. We don’t exhibit at big shows like this since we can accomplish all that we want simply by walking around and checking out all the new gear. NAB can be a little difficult to manage. The show is simply gigantic which can make going from one booth to another quote a quest if not planned well. Cine Gear is an excellent alternative. It’s much smaller and more intimate. There aren’t any high dollar booths like Panasonic or Sony. All of the exhibitors at Cine Gear receive a relatively similarly size booth and the expo usually takes place within a rather small space overall. Personally, I liked it when the expo was held on the back lot at Universal Studios, probably because the tour tram still rolls by and all the tourists think you’re someone important… For the past two years, the expo has been held at Paramount Studios which makes for a much nicer parking situation and less of a hike up and down Spartacus Square, Old Mexico, and the Court of Miracles. I suspect most of the exhibitors at Cine Gear would have already been to NAB, but for those who couldn’t make it to NAB and pay for airfare/gas, hotel, food, entertai….  …Etc., Cine Gear is local to Southern California and is completely free if you register ahead of time. As the name of the show suggests, it is more gear oriented, unlike NAB, you don’t have to wade through all the other broadcast junk. If you’re a gear junkie like myself, do yourself a favor and head over to their registration website and sign up now. See you there!

You can see some of my photos from Cine Gear last year here.


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