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As you may have heard me mention before, this site is run entirely by me, Matthew Duclos, completely independent from Duclos Lenses. The cost of running the site, while minimal, does come out of my own pocket. I’m not one to beg or anything, but I do want to keep the site ad free and uncluttered to make the sharing and learning experience as clean and simple as possible. So I’ve decided to offer crap for readers of this site to purchase and support the flow of information and knowledge. If you enjoy posts and content here on the Circle of Confusion, please help me keep it running by purchasing some stuff from the Swag Store that I’ve linked below. For now, there is just one T-shirt just to see how many people actually help out, but I’ll be adding more stuff if all goes well. Thank you for the loyalty and continued support of this blog. It’s still just a hobby, but I truly enjoy sharing knowledge with anyone and everyone that is willing to accept. See you again soon!

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9 thoughts on “Support This Site

  1. Hey Matt,
    What’s the shirts made out of? Cotton, dri-fit, poly….. Also do they just come in white, or are you looking at adding any base color?
    Hats, adjustable or elastic caps. Yes my big head and body changes based on these silly things.

    1. Pre-shrunk
      100% Cotton
      Made in Nicaragua

      If these sell well, I’ll go ahead and add black shirts as well.
      The hats are also on their way.

    1. Buying lenses is great for Duclos Lenses! But this site, as noted in this post, is run entirely independent from Duclos Lenses. The proceeds from these merchandise sales goes directly back to this blog and keeps it going. 🙂

  2. Love to support your site but I can’t bring myself to pay $25.00 to ship a $10. t-shirt.

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