New 10.5mm Nokton from Voigtlander Sure to Please Micro 4/3 Shooters

IMG_7331-0.PNGPhotokina is underway so naturally there are a ton of lens related announcements. There’s some camera news too, but who cares… Cameras are outdated dated within a few months these days anyway. One of the most interesting announcements which I’ve been waiting weeks to discuss is the new 10.5mm from Voigtlander. Not only is this a nice wide focal length, it comes in at an impressive f/0.95. That’s fast for such a wide angle lens.

This combination of field of view and speed make this lens a perfect tool to combat the dreaded crop factor associated with Micro 4/3 productions. The lens is available only in a native Micro 4/3, perfect for a GH4, Blackmagic, or any other Micro 4/3 camera. The new 10.5mm will feature specs similar to the rest of the Voigtlander Nokton primes such as the selective aperture movement which gives you the ability to choose clicks or no clicks when adjusting your aperture – a great feature for video shooters. This new lens will be available from Duclos Lenses along with the rest of the set with the Complete Cine-Mod. Unfortunately, Voigtlander didn’t mention anything regarding price or availability. Given the prices of the other Nokton lenses (around $1k) expect a slightly higher price for this wide angle prime. Check the press release below for the rest of the specs.


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  1. They come out with this now, 3 weeks after I bought a metabones speedbooster and 16mm Nikon lens for my GH#. GRRRR. Must figure out how to get this.

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