LENS GUTS – A New Video Series from Duclos Lenses

Duclos Lenses released the first video in a new series they’re calling LENS GUTS. The name says it all. Lens geek, Matthew Duclos, sits down with a new lens each episode and tears into it, showing us the materials, build quality, and techniques used while he discusses the history or lesser known facts about each “patient”. 

In the first episode, Matthew pulls apart a Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 that was left out in the rain, literally. Seeing the innards of the lens and having Matthew’s commentary throughout the process is fascinating for anyone who loves lenses. Subscribe to Duclos Lenses’ YouTube for updates on future videos in this series. If there’s a specific lens you want to see Matthew tear into, drop a note in the comments below and we’ll pass it on to him for consideration. Enjoy!

Video below or watch over on YouTube here > https://youtu.be/6RVtzVfNfIY

5 thoughts on “LENS GUTS – A New Video Series from Duclos Lenses

  1. Hi Matt,
    I really enjoyed the piece and encourage you to do more.
    Kind of fascinating.
    Only comment is to frame it a bit differently as much of what we see is your hand.
    Oh yeah. How about a light colored work mat as black on black loses some detail.
    Nice job.

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