Sigma Announces New ART Series Lenses

No… These aren’t cinema lenses. They’re auto-focus, still photography lenses. Sigma has just announced three new lenses in their ART line of still-photo lenses: 14mm f/1.8, 135mm f/1.8, and a 24-70mm f/2.8. So why am I posting about them? Because with Sigma’s new Cinema line of lenses, zooms and primes, I can imagine that these now options from Sigma will make their way into a cinema housing in the near future. Let’s discuss…Sigma’s Cine line as of this moment consists of two high-speed zooms – the 18-35mm T2.0 and the 50-100mm T2.0, available in Canon EF and Sony E mount. They’re expected to begin shipping the PL version of these zooms this Summer (probably around NAB). When Sigma launched these two zooms, they also gave everyone a sneak peak at the other lenses to come out which included a Full Frame zoom (24-35mm T2.2.) and their much anticipated primes: 20mm T1.5, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, and 85mm T1.5. What more could you ask for?! We’ll have a pair of high speed T2.0 zooms and a full set of T1.5, Full Frame primes!!! Personally, I wanted to see a complete line from 14mm all the way to 135mm. And it looks like we’ll have that now if these new ART series lenses make their way into the Cine line.

With this news, if they make their way into cinema lenses, we would most likely see a 14mm T2.0 and a 135mm T2.0 and perhaps even the new zoom announced, the 24-70mm which would equate to about a T2.9, possibly a T3. I usually don’t speculate on upcoming products… But I’ve been enjoying how quickly Sigma has been able to move and bring quality products to the market. As good as these new Sigma lenses are, people will always find a reason to complain… Sure enough, someone will comment below demanding an 18mm T1.5 focal length or they’ll argue that the 150mm focal length would have been better than the 135mm focal length, etc. etc. But you can’t deny that Sigma is making some amazing products at some very attractive prices. And it’s forcing other manufacturers to step up their game.

I’ll check in with Sigma at NAB (along with every other lens manufacturer) and see if I can get any more information out of them in regards to my speculation above. On that topic, NAB is coming up and we’ll be doing a good deal of live blogging from the show floor. So make sure you subscribe to receive updates direct to your inbox. Or follow our Facebook Page for updates there. Also be sure to follow Duclos Lenses on Facebook as that’s where we’ll post any live videos during NAB, if we can get a good enough data connection.

If you could reach out to Sigma and give them your opinion, what focal lengths would you want added to the Cine line? Comment below!

4 thoughts on “Sigma Announces New ART Series Lenses

  1. I think it’s just a matter of time until Sigma (or Samyang/Rokinon) makes an affordable Anamorphic cine lenses. That will complete the missing piece of the cinema revolution!

  2. I want a cine zoom 18-150
    Stays the same size when zoomed in and out
    doesn’t need to be very fast to keep price and size down
    Just want parfocal and smooth zooming,
    Would be great for MōVI so you can just leave one lens on and cover all the bases

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