Duclos Lenses Begins 1:1 Demo Sessions

Duclos Lenses is pleased to introduce a brand new service – 1:1 Demo Sessions. This service is an answer to our customers asking for personalized lens demonstration and consultation in partnership with the leading motion picture lens manufacturers. Get your hands on the latest, greatest cinema lenses in private, no-pressure environment. Scheduling begins January.

Throughout the year, Duclos Lenses will have “featured” lenses that will only be available to test for a limited amount of time. These featured lenses will be announced via social media and through our email newsletter. You can sign up for a time slot on our website. Select a duration anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. And it’s completely free!

Our dedicated demo space features one of our massive Focus Charts as well as some essential lighting and grip equipment for more practical testing. Snacks and beverages are provided, complimentary. Bring what you’d like including but not limited to your camera, members of your crew, a friend – whatever will give you the best lens testing experience. The first Featured Lens will be announced soon.

What lenses would you like to see featured in the future? Leave a comment below and maybe we’ll include it next week!

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