DZO Rounds out their Zooms

This week DZO announced two new zooms to round out their existing zoom families. A 12-25mm T2.8 Super 35 Pictor zoom and a 18-35mm T2.9 Catta full frame zoom.

The Pictor 12-25mm T2.8 has the same natural look with “gentle sharpness” as DZO describes, as the rest of the Pictor Zoom lens. It features the same fast T-stop of T2.8 and a close focus of 15.74 inches (0.4m). It comes natively in PL mount with a Canon EF mount kit included in the box for user interchangeability. For more mount options you can pair it with the Octopus Adapters (E/RF/L/X/Z). While the Pictor Zoom line is designed exclusively for Super 35 format cameras, you can always pair them with the Marlin 1.6x Expander to increase the image circle and cover larger formats up to Full Frame. The 12-25mm Pictor is notably shorter than the rest of the Pictor lineup which makes sense given its shorter overall zoom ratio of approximately 2:1. The DZOFilm 12-25mm T2.8 Pictor is available immediately at a price of $2,889 or as a 3-lens DZOFilm Pictor Zoom Bundle for $7,999. Order yours today from Duclos Lenses!

Focal Length12-25mm
Max ApertureT2.8
FormatSuper 35
Image Circle31.5mm
Minimum Focus15.74 inches (0.4m)
Iris Blades16
Front Diameter95mm
Filter Size86mm
Weight3.53 lbs.

Named after the Chinese word for monkey the Catta 18-35mm T2.9 zoom has “a swift body, that remains curious in it’s environmental surroundings”. The Catta zoom series is one of the lightest full frame zoom options, weighing approximately 3.5 pounds per zoom. The new 18-35mm joins its Catta cousins 35-80mm T2.9 and 70-135mm T2.9. Consistent with the rest of the Catta line, it comes natively in Sony E mount with the option to purchase an additional RF mount kit. Available in a black or white finish. It’s priced at $3,229 or you can purchase it as part of the 3-zoom bundle at $6,999. Available in mid-April 2023.

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  1. Matthew, would love to know if the Pictor 12-25 is color matched to the longer lenses once you have one in stock? I know the 14-30 was significantly warmer. DZO told me it is color matched but I’d rather know for sure its a closer match.

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