Some Housekeeping

This website,, has beenΒ a great resource for cinematographers since 2009. Originally started as a personal blog to serve as a dumping ground for answers to common questions, it continuously evolved into much more. The content expanded from simple thoughts on the motion picture lens industry, to in-depth tutorials, to featurettes with some of the industry’s biggest lens manufacturers. In order to continue providing relevant, timely content, we’re making a few changes around here. All for the better! Continue reading Some Housekeeping

The Image Circle Database Is Back!

Tired of guessing which lenses will and won’t cover a specific sensor? Stress no more, I’ve revised the Image Circle Database that so many of you have been asking for. It’s an ongoing project that I update periodically as lenses come through the shop (there’s a lot of them). With the rate that manufacturers are designing and releasing new lenses, this database will be updated as a downloadable PDF often. If there is a specific lens you would like researched for image circle, please list it below in the comments. The Database is going to stick to primarily cinema lenses or at least those used for cinema often. Check out the details below. Continue reading The Image Circle Database Is Back!