The Image Circle Database Is Back!

Tired of guessing which lenses will and won’t cover a specific sensor? Stress no more, I’ve revised the Image Circle Database that so many of you have been asking for. It’s an ongoing project that I update periodically as lenses come through the shop (there’s a lot of them). With the rate that manufacturers are designing and releasing new lenses, this database will be updated as a downloadable PDF often. If there is a specific lens you would like researched for image circle, please list it below in the comments. The Database is going to stick to primarily cinema lenses or at least those used for cinema often. Check out the details below.

As is the case with just about any zoom lens, the image circle is larger at the telephoto end than it is a the wide end of the zoom. Therefor, each zoom lens has two image circles listed – one for each end of the zoom. There isn’t a given point in the zoom where the image circle decreases while zooming wide. Some lenses may vignette a mere millimeter or two before reaching the wide end of the zoom and some might gradually creep in with a soft vignette. It all depends on the design. If you have any specific questions, feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll do my best to research a lens further if it’s in-stock or in for service at Duclos Lenses. Thanks again to everyone for the continued encouragement to revise and publish the updated Image Circle Database.


Download the Image Circle Database here

23 thoughts on “The Image Circle Database Is Back!

  1. I love the precious information you offer on your articles or blog posts. I am qualified to save your weblog and have this youngsters check up below commonly. I am somewhat particular they’ll know numerous new stuff in this article than other people!

  2. Hi Matthew, Wonderful info! Thanks for putting this together.

    I would love to see the Cooke zooms added to this list if that’s possible.

  3. it´s realy helpful, but talking to a friend he tell me that the CP 18mm it will not work for Epic Dragon in 6k.
    that lens its made for APS-H.
    But on your PDF said that DIA of 18mm CP 18mm it 42, so it will cover all the dragon sensor.

    I have not a Dragon or a CP to chek that, but I did want to shere te info whit you, so meaby yo can help all of us to understand that.

    1. The 18mm CP.2 covers more than APS-H. The Dragon sensor is just barely larger than Super 35 format and much smaller than 35mm full frame. It should cover the Red Dragon without any issues.

  4. I’m I wrong Matthew ?
    The sensor size on the AF-100 is 17.3mm x 13mm, but the 16:9 video frame only uses a little less than 10 mm on the vertical.
    If u want to compare the real frame size with others it’s : 17.3 x 9.73 mm

    And the real image circle goes down to : 19.84 mm.

    Remeber also : Panasonic choose the GH1 12 bits sensor for the AF-100, because of its bigger pixel pitch (4.3µm), versus the newer (at the time) GH2 sensor one’s (3.6µm).

  5. Hey Matt,

    Have you had a chance to finish this list? Just wondering what the image circle specs are for the mini S4/i & Cooke 5/i? — Looking to make a purchase for Dragon and wanted to know which lenses will cover.

    Thanks and all the best,


  6. sometimes I wonder a thing and then I google it — and if someone else has already started working on it, it’s usually you (and/or david mullen). god bless you mr. duclos X)

  7. So much has changed in the five years since this data was posted.
    Any chance of an update including Xeen’s and Veydra’s?
    Does anyone know the image circle for B4 lenses with the usual 2x teleconverter switched in?

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