P+S Technik Steps Up to the F3 Plate

Nikon F3 mount from P+S Technik

I received an email from a gentleman at P+S Technik a few weeks ago informing me of an upcoming product that might interest me. I figured it was regarding their 16SR Digital Mag which I think is awesome! But alas, it was something entirely new. An interchangeable mount system for the Sony F3 which comes equipped with a useless proprietary Sony mount and a standard PL mount. This new system from P+S performs similarly to their older Interchangeable Mount System (IMS) for the RED One. The system works by implementing an intermediate mount to which all of the lens mounts attach to. The mounts themselves are still the same as the previous versions so if you purchased a bunch for your RED One, they will still work with the new Sony intermediate mount from P+S. This is great news to me since the only company to make such an adaptor was MTF Services, and it was only Nikon F mount, and backordered by several months. I’m expecting typical German engineering and reliability, which is critical in something with required tolerances of less than .0005″ (that’s half of a thousandth of an inch). The system will include mount options including Nikon F, Canon Eos, Canon FD, Leica R, Leica M, Panavision, and the completely outdated but artistically trendy BNCR mount. So many options!

Several different mount options field swappable.

This system eliminates the need to purchase a mount adapter for each individual lens you own. Instead, you just buy one mount for your camera and you’re all set. P+S claims the system is “professional solution at a very modest price”. We’ll see about that. P+S will be at booth #64 at Cine Gear, the first weekend of June. I’ll be sure to swing by and get more details for all of you cine gear addicts. See you there!

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