Duclos Lenses is Hiring

Download and share the job listing PDF HERE.


Duclos Lenses is continuing to expand its operations and is looking for more lens technicians.

Job Position:

  • Optical-Mechanical Service Technician

The Company:

  • A relatively small company based in the San Fernando Valley, California, Duclos Lenses was founded in 2002.
  • We service and maintain motion picture lenses for camera rental houses and owner/operators all over the world.
  • Duclos Lenses also manufactures and distributes motion picture lens accessories that fit the needs of it’s clients.
  • Full-time employees at Duclos Lenses benefit from company paid health insurance and paid vacation time.
  • Technicians can expect to increase their experience, knowledge, and ability in motion picture service and repair.
  • Duclos Lenses offers a stable, clean, comfortable, work place for it’s employees to enjoy.

Job Description:

  • Service Technician duties include cleaning, lubricating, alignment, and collimation of motion picture lenses.
  • Optical-mechanical assembly and calibration.
  • Understanding of sensor/film size, lens coverage, and “crop factor” theory.
  • Several years of experience in the motion picture industry are appreciated but not mandatory.
  • Cooperative and friendly personality and punctuality are necessary.

How to Apply:

  • e-Mail resume to: Matthew@DuclosLenses.com
  • fax resume to (818) 346-9506
  • Carrier pigeon resume to:  7871 Alabama Ave. #10 Canoga Park, CA 91304

Published by

Matthew Duclos

A connoisseur of fine motion picture lenses, Matthew has spent over half his life servicing, refining, selling, manufacturing, and collecting cinema lenses from around the world. Chief Operating Officer of Duclos Lenses and Founder of TheCineLens.com, Matthew has been contributing to the motion picture industry for over 15 years, and to this site for over 5 years.

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