Duclos 11-16mm Nikon-F Mount

We’ve been building our 11-16mm lenses as quick as we can while still maintaining the highest quality standards we can. We’ve received great feedback from a lot of satisfied customers and look forward to continuing to fill orders. There are quite a few back-orders still but rest assured, we are working diligently to fill orders as quickly as possible. This particular photo is our Nikon-F mount model. We offer the lens in PL, Nikon-F, and Canon-EF. Such a versatile little beauty. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Duclos 11-16mm Nikon-F Mount

  1. All I can say is that I ordered one of these and use it regularly with my FS100 and 7D. I expected it to have much more curve around the edges that is does and so now it is my goto lens for all things wide. As a manual lens when I don’t have time to focus this lens has so much to offer. Thank you Mathew for the ZF kit and this one!

  2. Did not realize that you offered it in mounts other than PL. At what point do we need to advise you of mount type requested?

  3. I received my F-mount 11-16 yesterday. I can’t wait to really put this guy to work. It looks fantastic up on my F3. Thanks Matthew and team for a job well done. Well worth the wait.

  4. Would you say its a good starter PL lens? I was considering getting the Nikkor version to start. Can people who want theirs converted to PL get to send you their current Nikkor ones or are yours hand picked for perfection and I can’t just send you any old Tokina? Thanks!

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