Cinema Lens Buying Guide

Here at Duclos Lenses we’ve devised this somewhat satirical guide for buying new cinema lens. Take a gander and see what lens you come up with. Post your results in the comments and five winners will be chosen at random at the end of the week to receive some cool lens geek swag including shirts, hats, cleaning kits, etc.

This guide is all in good fun, but if you really do want some professional advice, contact Duclos Lenses.

Click here or on the image below for a full res version. Enjoy!



29 thoughts on “Cinema Lens Buying Guide

  1. I was looking for a a set of primes for the F65, went down the chart and came back with the Zeiss CP2 primes. That’s what I had ordered. Should be in later this month!

  2. Voigtlander primes, but second run through as Rokinon. Dunno how long I’ll actually be on M4/3.

  3. New Canon 17-120mm Cine zoom. It’s the lens I’ve been pining after for two years and the wisdom of your excellent “take EVERYTHING into account” flow chart gave me spot-on validation!!

  4. Hi! Such shame there ain’t anything for Sony Alpha:( do you some suggestions for lens/lenses I would rock when shooting Parkour? High tempo sport, lots of running and jumping. This will be first for cinematography lens and first I was thinking about the sony 50mm f1.4 but then my friends who have more experience told me f1.4 is very hard to manage in shooting video so now I am pretty much in the starting point. Any ideas?
    Email reply would be great! Thanks!

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