Duclos Lenses Acquires UniqOptics’ Assets



September 22nd, 2014

Chatsworth, California – In a strategic move, Duclos Lenses has purchased the assets of Southern California based motion picture lens manufacturer UniqOptics. The two organizations have collaborated in the past while developing lens systems and test equipment for companies such as NASA, the US Military, Ford Motor Co., and motion picture camera manufacturers. Projects included the Signature Series Prime Lenses, Avatar Hi-G Lens, Micrometer Diascope, and several others.

UniqOptics ceased production of their Signature Series Primes after legal tribulations set them back in manufacturing. The assets purchased by Duclos Lenses include remaining inventory, spare parts for service, test equipment, assembly tooling, and miscellaneous accessories.

Duclos Lenses has no immediate plans to continue production of the Signature Series Primes. Service and support of existing products is the primary directive for Duclos Lenses. With an already extensive register of cinema optic test equipment, experienced technicians, and dedication to quality, Duclos Lenses continues it’s endeavor to be the world’s premier motion picture lens service facility.

For questions regarding Signature Series Lens Service, please email Service@DuclosLenses.com or visit http://duclos.tv/contact.


For more information on this press release, please contact Duclos Lenses at (818) 773-0600 or Press@DuclosLenses.com




8 thoughts on “Duclos Lenses Acquires UniqOptics’ Assets

    1. There’s a lot of speculation regarding this topic. In all honesty, I can’t say with any degree of confidence since it has been denied unequivocally. How can you argue with an x-ray of a lens, right?

    1. I’ve actually had similar questions regarding this bit of news. Duclos Lenses does this often, but to a lesser extent with other companies. For example, when a manufacturer like Zeiss or Angenieux decide to discontinue service for a specific line of lenses, Duclos Lenses will purchase remaining inventory of parts in order to continue offering factory spec service for years to come. In this particular scenario with UniqOptics, the company as a whole was more attractive than just spare parts.

  1. I followed this set of optics for a few years, stopping by their both at NAB. Sad to see they couldn’t get much traction, happy to see it in your hands Matthew.

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