Canon Video Explains 4K Lenses

Canon 4KCanon produced a short video that does a really good job of explaining what constitutes a 4K lens and reminds us of how much technology goes into the glass coming out of Canon. It really does drive home the need for high resolution lenses for todays demanding sensors. Check it out below and let me know what you think. What’s more important to you, sharpness or character?

Published by

Matthew Duclos

A lens technician by trade, Matthew has spent his life servicing, refining, selling, manufacturing, and collecting cinema lenses from around the world.

4 thoughts on “Canon Video Explains 4K Lenses”

  1. Hi Matthew:

    Boy was that a silly video. I guess if Fuji and Canon say ‘4K lens’ enough times SOMEBODY will start to believe it has any real meaning. The intentional misapplication of a quantitative term for pixel density (4K) used to describe a qualitative subject (lens characteristics) is marketing bullshit at its very worst.

    Neal Norton

  2. So I think Neal Norton said it better than I would have and I know I agree 100%. “4K lens” is even worse than “Full HD” and referring to UHD as 4K.

    Surprised that Mr. Duclos would give props to such crap.

    Robert A. Ober

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