Zeiss <3 Sony – FAQ Answers from Zeiss


Zeiss just posted a really fun blog post featuring their collaboration history with Sony. Everyone knows that Zeiss and Sony make a lovely couple but there’s also a lot of mystery around who does what and in what capacity.

In the mid-1990s Sony was at a turning point. While Sony was a powerful name in consumer electronics, it was less well-known among professionals for optics and photography, and wanted to rectify this situation. The company therefore sought a strong and reputable partner in the high-end market and an expert in optics that could help them improve quality in the booming camcorder segment. For ZEISS – which can look back on more than 165 years of experience in optics and lens manufacturing – the situation was the exact opposite. Although its lenses enjoyed an excellent reputation among professional photographers, ZEISS was virtually unknown in the wider consumer market.

Check out the complete post here for all the nitty gritty, detail-dodging answers. Even if Zeiss doesn’t make everything completely transparent, it’s still a great bit of reading.

Originally posted over at www.Blogs.Zeiss.com on July 29th, 2015

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