Arri Shows You How To Install Their Flare Set For Master Anamorphics

ma_flare_sets_det_1Arri published a new video to their YouTube channel in which Zeiss Service Trainer & Technician goes through the step-by-step process of removing the factory front and rear element and replacing them with the new uncoated flare set. The purpose of the flare set is just that, to increase the flares and imperfections, or “character” of the Arri Master Anamorphics. This is a clever new product from Arri which comes from customer feedback protesting the near-flawless quality of the Master Anamorphics. If you’re not familiar with the Master Anamorphics, they’re basically Master Primes, you know… some of the best motion picture optics in the world, but with a 2x squeeze to fit more field of view onto your sensor. These days, gaining field of view is, unfortunately, less important than achieving an “artistic” look that includes flares, streaks, and other artifacts that arguably add to the look of a project.

I digress. In the video, Simon shows us the procedure with a number of clear steps including how to remove the screws and compendium ring (that’s Zeiss fancy word for witness ring) and then removing the screws that hold the front element in place. The video makes no mention of doing this in a clean environment, but let’s assume that if you have the means of obtaining a set of Master Anamorphics, you’re familiar with the sensitivity and importance of disassembling precision optics in a clean, dust-free environment.

It’s nice to see this video, especially for me, because it’s not often a big player like Arri allows, let alone publishes their own, video showing the insides of a lens. I did a couple of in-depth tear down time lapse videos about ten years ago using some very popular zoom lenses. A couple hours after posting the videos, I had a call from the manufacturer asking me to remove them immediately. Oh well… Check out the video and if you like it, drop a comment below letting me know which lens I should try doing a time-lapse disassembly of.

2 thoughts on “Arri Shows You How To Install Their Flare Set For Master Anamorphics

  1. What do you think of the new super 35 cine cameras. Is it worth paying the upside for Tokina Cinema ATX or just use still zooms which are 35mm and too big. Isn’t much choice I guess. Unless, of course big bucks are just sitting around.

    Your rehoused lens are a bit more $$ but very attractive. I am still waiting for the URSA Mini 4.6 pl camera. Hope it is what it looks like it may be.

    Love the FS7 and FS5, but not at 8 bit color in 4k. And external recorders is problematic and clumbsy.


    1. Richard, cameras come and go every month these days. I enjoy a quality camera just as much as anyone here, but look at how fast they’re considered out of date. Forget the cameras and invest in good lenses. The cost that you high for the Duclos 11-16mm is rather cheap compared to some of the cameras out there and the 11-16mm lens will work and remain relevant much, much longer than any camera you can buy right now.

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