Fujinon’s New 20-120mm “Go-To” Zoom

Ahead of NAB, Fujinon has released the specs of their brand new 20-120mm Cabrio XK zoom lens. With a constant T3.5 maximum aperture, the new zoom joins the rest of the Cabrio line with high quality 4K optics. To summarize, we’re looking at a 6x zoom for PL mount, Super 35 format cameras with a removable servo unit. Want more specs and numbers goodness, read on!

We’ll have our hands on this shiny new servo zoom during NAB so stay tuned for that. In the meantime…

“This Cabrio XK zoom delivers precise optics, a consistent T stop of T3.5 throughout the entire focal length range, and smooth servo operations in a compact package – making it ideal for both run & gun-style and cinema-style shoots,” said Thom Calabro, director of Marketing and Product Development for the Optical Division of FUJIFILM. “Remove the detachable servo drive, and it can easily accept industry-standard cine motors and matte boxes. Whether you’re from a film or video background, the PL 20-120mm Cabrio XK offers remarkable quality and unprecedented flexibility.”

XK-Lens-back.jpgFrom what we can see, this new Cabrio, while it sacrifices some zoom range, it looks to make up for that in weight distribution and balance – an often overlooked detail when considering shoulder rigs. Irrelevant, but it’s nice to see a manufacturer throw some anodizing other than red into their lens. Expect an MSRP of approximately $18,200 and shipping to begin June in limited quantities. If this lens looks like it is the answer you’ve been waiting for, pre-order yours today from Duclos Lenses.

For those of you who dig numbers, here’s some of the basic specs:

Model name


Camera specifications

Super 35mm PL Mount camera

Focal length

20mm – 120mm

Zoom ratio




Minimum object distance (M.O.D)


Object dimensions (at the M.O.D) [Horizontal × Vertical]

20mm  1109mm × 624mm

120mm 182mm × 102mm

Angle of view [Horizontal × Vertical] 169 aspect ratio

20mm  63°41′ × 38°30′

120mm 11°49′ × 6°40′

Approx. size (ö × Length)

ö114mm x 239mm

Approx. Weight

Approx. 2.9kg (with drive unit) / approx. 2.4kg (without drive unit)

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