Weekly News Roundup #3

It’s that time again. Start your Monday with a bit of light reading featuring some news, tips, social media, and buying advice from TheCineLens.com. On to the news!

1) Lens flare: How did we get here?

Vox.com shared a clever video on the history of lens flare and why it’s gone from a nuisance to a coveted characteristic. Check it out above.



2) Zeiss 135mm f/2.0, Next stop: Milvus town!


Photorumors.com posted an article that isn’t much of a stretch – claiming that the Zeiss Classic 135mm ZF.2 is the next in line to be admitted to the Milvus line. I say it’s not a stretch because unlike the 1.4/50 and 1.4/85 that were in dire need of updating, the Classic 135mm ZF.2 is still a state-of-the-art optical design that requires absolutely no revising. In fact, if you ask me, thanks to it’s apochromatic design, the Classic ZF.2 135mm belongs in the Otus family. It’s a superb lens and one of my personal favorites. Zeiss will slowly be phasing out the Classic line in favor of their updated Milvus moniker. Which lenses are due to receive a design update are still a mystery. Read the original article on PhotoRumors.com here >



3) Canon Updates Q2 Instant Rebates


You may have already seen this post from right here on The Cine Lens, but it’s certainly worth mentioning so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity. Canon has always been very aggressive with their promotions and Q2 doesn’t disappoint. Check out the awesome deals in our previous post here >


4) Frequent Instagram? Follow these cinematographers

reedTAR Productions put together a cool list of cinematographers who share their passion for photography on Instagram. The list is nice because it provides a direct link to some very talented individuals and also explains why TAR Productions enjoys their posts. Check out the list curated by TAR Productions here >



5) NAB 2016 Coverage from TheCineLens.com

nab-show-logoMore of a reminder than news… TheCineLens.com will have a crew at NAB in a couple of weeks covering all the latest cine lens news. We already have some great new product details we want to share with you but simply aren’t allowed to. You’ll have to check back in here beginning April 17th. If you haven’t already, subscribe via email to receive updates directly to your inbox (top left of this page).



As always, let us know if there’s anything we missed. Leave a comment below or drop a quick email to editor@thecinelens.com. See you next week…



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