Canon Cinema EOS Lens Deals Updated for Q2, 2016

Canon has always been very aggressive when it comes to getting it’s products into the hands of working professionals. Still among the most underrated lenses currently available, the Canon Cinema EOS line of primes and zooms are getting a little push from Canon with some really attractive rebates. We’ve seen these deals before, but they came and went, leaving a lot of buyers asking for more. Canon answered the call…

Let’s start with the financing… Canon has offered financing since day one with an unbeatable 0% for 24-months and 1.99% for 36 months. This makes the thought of dropping $20k on a cinema zoom a much easier pill to swallow if you’re a working DP who want’s to own their own gear.

Next up is the rebates. Canon has continuously offered rebates in one form or another, but never in the amounts were seeing now. The primes feature a “double dip” rebate that allows you to combine the Instant Rebate of $300 per lens with the Multi-Lens Rebate which scales with the number of lenses you add to a set. For example, the six lens set of CN-E primes receives the Multi-Lens rebate of $3,000. Then you throw in the $300 per lens Instant Rebate – that’s another $1,800 shaved off the price for a total savings of $4,800. That’s basically a free lens! But wait… There’s more. Any set of three or more CN-E primes also qualifies for a free flight case with a mail-in (is that still a thing?) form. Like I said… Aggressive.

Then you have the zooms. The Canon zoom rebates are a little more straight forward with a simple Instant Rebate for each lens. Here’s a quick list of the Instant Rebate amounts including the primes:

14, 24, 35, 50, 85, 135mm -$300 each
15.5-47mm -$2,000
30-105mm -$2,000
14.5-60mm -$4,000
30-300mm -$4,000
17-120mm -$1,500
50-1000mm -$3,500

Those are some compelling numbers. And don’t forget that the Instant Rebates for the primes can be combined with the Multi-Lens Rebates. There you have it… But don’t let these deals dictate which lenses you purchase. There really is no substitution for getting your hands on a lens and mounting it to your camera for some testing. That’s where Duclos Lenses comes in. Our renovated demo space which should be fully operational shortly after NAB is the perfect place to put any of these Canon lenses through their paces. Check out the rest of the deals that Canon has going on right now over at and see how the staff at Duclos can help you out.

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