Rokinon adds 16mm T2.6 to Xeen Line

Last week Rokinon announced that the latest addition to their XEEN by Rokinon line, the 16mm T2.6 lens, is available immediately from authorized dealers. This is the first XEEN lens to be released since the 135mm lens began shipping last July, and is the first (but most likely not the last) XEEN of 2017.


To some, releasing a 16mm lens may not seem the most obvious choice when there are already a 14mm T3.1 and 24mm T1.5 lenses available. However the 16mm, faster than the 14mm and wider than the 24mm, sits perfectly between the two and has been one of the most commonly request stop-gap lenses in the Xeen line which now consists of:

So how else does the 16mm fit in with the rest of the XEEN family? Well, like its brothers and sisters this new arrival benefits from similar design features such as a uniform 114mm Non-Rotating Front Diameter, focus and aperture ring placement consistent with the rest of the XEEN lenses, and of course, standard 32-pitch gearing. The lens is also available in a variety of mount options, including Arri PL, Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, and Micro 4/3, although accessory mount kits can be provided should you need to change mounts – a service that Duclos Lenses offers at no charge for two years – free with all new lenses purchased. Of course, this new prime lens also offers the same level of mechanical and optical performance as the rest of the XEEN primes. This is complimented by Full Frame Coverage, proprietary XEEN X-Coating Technology, and an 11 blade diaphragm that provides beautiful bokeh.


The best part though? You can get your hands on the 16mm (and the entire XEEN line, for that matter) without breaking the bank. The 16mm, like all the rest, will be sold for $2495 with a Three Year Limited Warranty. We’ll be posting a comprehensive guide to Rokinon and Rokinon XEEN primes soon. Stay tuned!


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  1. I’m amazed at what some of these manufacturers are doing with cine lenses these days. I feel like if you told me 5 years ago that you could get this for 3000 bucks I’d tell you to take a hike! I’d love to hear more about the coating!

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