Angenieux 42-420mm AS2: An Updated Anamoprhic Zoom

Just ahead of NAB, Angenieux has announced a revised version of it’s 44-440mm Optimo AS2. The new lens is a 42-420mm T4.5. It retains the same physical dimensions and base optical design as the 44-440mm which was released back in 2016 – but features a few key updates. 

The press release references “some different image characteristics” but it’s not made clear what the distinctions are. I’ll be sure to gather some detailed information on this lens during NAB where the lens will make it’s debut. Angenieux also mentions that the updated design reduces focus breathing. Take a look at the bullet points below for the major features. One easy to miss feature of this lens is the fact that it utilized Angenieux’s IRO (Interchangeable Rear Optics) Technology which allows you to exchange the rear portion of the lens between a 24-240mm 2x Anamorphic and a 25-250mm Spherical. Two for one! I do think that this is a glimpse of the future – that lenses manufacturers will offer a wider range of specialty adjustments or attachments to achieve the tool that works best for a specific job. Make sure you swing by Angenieux’s booth (#C7920) during NAB to check out this and other new products.

• 2:1 horizontal squeeze achieved by cylinder optics in the rear part of the lens
• Perfect homogeneity of color, contrast, resolution and low distortion typical of the optimo series
• Constant T4.5 across zoom range, no ramping
• Minimal breathing suitable for rack focusing
• Close Focus of (1.24m/4’1“ feet) enables extreme close-up shots
• Reduced distortion on all focal lengths and all focus distances
• One of the lightest and most compact anamorphic zooms of its range
• Precise and ergonomic focus ring with scale rotation of 320 degrees & over 40 focus marks. Interchangeable focus scale ring from feet to meters
• Available in PL mount. Easily interchangeable with PV Panavision mount
• Thanks to the IRO technology™, the Optimo 42-420 A2S, with a spherical kit option, can be converted to a spherical 25-250 T3.5 zoom by swapping the rear group and appropriate rings
• Precise and rugged travelling of the zoom and focus groups using Angenieux classic rod mechanical guiding system
• Suited for extreme production environments (temperature range from -20°C to +45°C)
• Compatible with 1.4x and 2x extenders: 84-840mm T9 (wit 2x)
• Built-in lens encoder provides lens metadata (focus, zoom, T-stop) via standard cooke protocol or technology in both spherical and anamorphic configurations
• Lens data can be displayed on camera monitors to assist critical focusing and be recorded in camera to support VFX/post production work
• Front thread for optional protective glass



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