Leitz Cine Announces Plans for New Cine Primes and Zooms

During IBC 2018, Leitz Cine announced the development of a whole new set of twelve prime lenses designed for Full Frame/Vista Vision format as well as a brand new pair of cinema zoom lenses also designed for large format cinematography. The prime lenses, slated for a 2020 release, will have a common T1.8 aperture. The set will feature twelve lenses ranging from 18mm to 180mm.
Additionally, Leitz Cine will be showing the very first zoom lenses produced by the famous lens manufacturer. Joining their current lines of prime lenses, the Summilux-C, Summicron-C, M 0.8 and Thalia, the new pair of zooms will be a wide 25-75mm T2.8 and a 55-125mm T2.8, both said to exhibit no ramping throughout the zoom and cover Full Frame/Vista Vision formats.
Leitz doesn’t mention what mounts the new lenses will be available in or how the new primes will or if it will effect their current lines of primes such as the famed Summilux-C or where they fall in line in regards to image quality. Rest assured, we’ll put them through their paces soon enough and provide a clearer picture of how the new Leitz primes stack up to their brothers. Find the rest of the Leitz Cine line from Duclos Lenses here. UPDATE: During an interview with NewsShooter, Leitz member, Seth Emmons, mentions a potential list price between 40-44 thousand euros per prime lens bringing the full twelve lens set to about half a million USD. As for the zooms, expect them to be priced at about USD $50k per zoom.

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