Canon’s New Year Open House Recap

On January 15th, Canon Burbank held their New Year Open House featuring Duclos Lenses. Patrons were able to explore the complete Cinema EOS line-up and get hands-on experience with Canon cinema cameras and lenses in the various Canon Burbank test facilities, theater, and showroom. Brand new Canon CN-E 20mm footage shot by Rob Draper, ACS was shown on loop in the DI Suite.

Markus Förderer tests out the Canon CN-E 20mm Prime in PL mount – exclusively from Duclos Lenses.

Visitors demoed Canon gear and Canon-centric Duclos accessories in the Showroom while model Marco played the guitar. In the Multi-Purpose room, two models sat chatting in a simple mini set built just for the event while guests tested gear in low lighting situations. Lastly, the Prep Bay was set up for camera tests and measurements. Duclos Lenses debuted the Canon CN-E 20mm Prime in PL mount. Company included ASC members, film students, and everyone in between – and Canon and Duclos staff of course.

Mark your calendars now! On March 5th, visit Canon Burbank again for the Lens Lab with Matthew Duclos. They’ll take a closer look at the fundamentals of lens care and maintenance. Duclos swag will be up for grabs, too!

To get to the Canon Burbank building, enter through the iHeartRadio entrance, walk down the hall and elevators are on the right. Step out of the elevators onto floor 2, and to the left you’ll see Canon!

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