TLS Partners with Duclos Lenses to Support U.S. Customers

Famed lens rehousing organization, True Lens Service, based in the UK has had great success re-purposing vintage cinema lenses for a modern, demanding production environment. Their mechanical design and craftsmanship is second to none which makes for some very desirable combinations of old glass in new housings. In order to keep their lenses working diligently and to support their customers who live and work in the U.S, TLS has chosen Duclos Lenses to manage the repair and maintenance of their lenses to the highest standards.

The relationship between True Lens Service and Duclos Lenses goes back several decades, before either company was even founded. Paul Duclos (Duclos Lenses) and Keith Truslove (TLS) were both lens technicians at Clairmont Camera. After moving on from the rental house environment, Keith and Paul both began their own operations, Keith in the UK with the help of Colin Sanders, and Paul in the U.S. along with his son Matthew Duclos. Both operations specialized in the service and repair of motion picture lenses, but TLS had something special – a passion for modernizing vintage cinema lenses. With a fleet of sophisticated CNC machines and some very clever engineering, TLS went on to produce some of the most sought after lens re-housings in the industry – such as the Cooke Speed Panchro, Super Baltar, Canon K35, Kowa Prominar, and many more.

Prior to this new agreement, owners of TLS lenses were required to send their precious optics back to TLS in the UK. Moving forward, Duclos Lenses will have the tools, knowledge, and staff to ensure the entire line of TLS rehoused lenses perform to the best of their ability.

“Our comprehensive staff of Lens Technicians and stock of spare parts will ensure TLS customers this side of the Atlantic will receive swift, quality service for their lenses without needing to ship internationally,” said Matthew Duclos. The friendship between Duclos Lenses and True Lens Service has only grown over the past decade, and looks to continue growing as of this announcement. For service inquiries of TLS lenses in the U.S. contact Duclos Lenses.

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