Is Canon Announcing a New Cine Lens?

With the cancellation of this year’s NAB Show, Canon was left without their expected platform to announce new cinema-related products. Back on April 6th, Canon shared a simple image to invite fans and press to a live stream event. The teaser image only had the words “Imaging Unleashed”, which is rather vague, and really could be anything. The only thing that leads me to believe the announcement is lens related is the background – iris blades.

As a result of this potential lens announcement, I’ll be live streaming their virtual press conference and giving my feedback throughout (unless it’s a camera announcement). You can watch my livestream on the Duclos Lenses YouTube Channel or you can tune into the actual Canon Virtual Press Conference here. What do you want to see from Canon. Leave a comment below and be sure to join us live on the 20th.

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