Fujinon MK L-Mount Kit from MTF Services

UK based lens mount manufacturer MTF Services has announced a new conversion kit which will allow the Fujinon MK zooms to be converted to L-Mount. If the kit is anything like the rest of their products, it ought to be a proper method for getting the MK zooms onto your Panasonic, Sigma, or Leica camera.

The Fujinon MK 18-55mm and Fujinon MK 50-135mm are veterans to mount modifications at this point thanks to MTF Services and Duclos Lenses alike. Between the two companies, the MK zooms can be had in their native Sony E mount, as well as converted to Micro 4/3 and Sony FZ. Fujinon also offers the MK zooms in their own native Fuji X-Mount. However, it’s a dedicated mount and not swappable from lens to lens.

Left: M4/3 mount, Right: Sony FZ mount.

The new mount conversion from MTF Services doesn’t change the optical performance or the coverage of the lens which will remain Super 35 format. This is worth noting because all of the L-Mount cameras released to date, the Leica SL, Sigma fp, and Lumix S1, have been 35mm Full Frame which the MK will not cover. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t shoot in crop mode and get perfectly good results. The MTF Services L-Mount kit includes a replacement collar, a stainless steel L-Mount, a set of screws, and a rear lens cap. Cost will be about £225.00 (or just under $300.00).

While we’re on the topic of Fuji MK modifications, there’s quite the collection of accessories designed specifically for these little powerhouse zooms including dedicated motor mounts from Heden and Chrosziel and a tailored 95mm Front Ring from Duclos Lenses.

Additionally, MTF released an L to PL mount adapter made of stainless steel and “pre-shimmed” for accuracy. Shim kit, Arca Swiss type support toe, and PL cap included. Find the new L-Mount conversion kit and the rest of MTF Services products on their website: www.mtfservices.com

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