Chrosziel’s New Servo Drive Unit for Fujinon Premista Zooms

Available specifically for the Fujinon Premista Zooms, Chrosziel’s latest solution brings new functionality and flexibility to an already outstanding line of cinema zoom lenses.

Fujinon pioneered the hybrid cine/ENG zoom lens back when they released the Cabrio 19-90mm back in 2012, combining the build quality and mechanical design of a cine lens with the flexibility and usability of ENG/broadcast lenses with a servo grip. Since then Fujinon has released several other product lines including their latest Premista Zoom family; a line of professional Full Frame Cinema Zooms. However, the Premista zooms lacked the servo control grip that the earlier Cabrio lenses benefitted from. It was a decision that I agreed with for the Premista zooms since they were definitely targeted more towards feature film environments. But that hasn’t stopped broadcast style productions from using the Premista zooms on projects utilizing larger format cameras. It was this type of production that Chrosziel saw an opportunity to bring additional functionality to the Premista zoom line with their latest product.

The Servo Drive Unit from Chrosziel attaches directly to the Premista Zooms and provides a traditional rocker zoom function as well as focus and iris control via an external controller. This functionality is ideal for multi-cam setups with remote operation. The Servo Drive Unit works on all three Premista Zooms, the 19-45mm T2.9, 28-100mm T2.9, and 80-250mm T2.9. Powered via a Lemo 0B.305, the Servo Drive Unit uses three powerful motors to drive independant 32-pitch (0.8) gears that interface with the zoom, focus, and iris rings on the lens.

Price and delivery are not currently available. You can read more about the Servo Drive Unit and sign up to receive updates directly from Chrosziel on their website here.

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