Duclos Lenses and Salmo Cine Bring the Cine-Mod® to Canada

In an effort to bring the highest quality lens modifications to cinematographers across Canada, Duclos Lenses has partnered with Salmo Cine to offer the Cine-Mod® for a wide range of still-photo lenses.

Duclos Lenses has been performing the Cine-Mod® on new and vintage photo lenses for over 15 years. One of our biggest hurdles throughout that time has been ensuring quality standards are maintained which required having our clients’ lenses in-house for the modifications. The Cine-Mod® (short for Cinema Modification) is a process developed by Duclos Lenses that improves still photo lenses in several ways, making them more usable for motion picture applications. Primarily it consists of a seamless 32-pitch (0.8 module) focus gear, a standardized front ring, a de-clicked and damped aperture movement; and in some cases a mount conversion. All of the components of the Cine-Mod® are designed and manufactured by Duclos Lenses in Chatsworth, California. Many parts of the Cine-Mod® can be performed as a DIY modification. However, the quality and consistency of our seamless focus gears as well as the de-clicking procedure has always been paramount. They require precision tailoring and installation to ensure the quality and reliability of the components are held to the same standards our clients expect on-set. The best analogy I can offer is that of a nice suit. You can always buy a suit at a department store and it’ll certainly get the job done. But if you’re looking for the highest quality, something that’s going to make an impression and last for many years, you’re going to go to a tailor who knows the finer details of fitting and how get the best results with the right materials.

This brings me to our latest partnership with Salmo Cine. Corby Martin is the “tailor” for our Canadian customers. I’ve known Corby for many years which made this process a no-brainer. Having a partner in Corby and Salmo Cine will allow our Canadian customers to bring their lenses to him for the Cine-Mod®, ensuring the highest quality without needing to ship lenses internationally which can be a costly, risky endeavour. His experience as a lens technician and passion for cinema are perfectly aligned with the values of Duclos Lenses and the services we offer.

Salmo Cine was founded by Lens Technician and Machinist, Corby Martin in February 2021. Corby previously managed the lens inventory at Sim Camera Vancouver and has over 10 years of lens technician experience. He continues to work as a photographer and cinematographer.

British Columbia’s only motion picture lens shop, Salmo Cine also offers everything from emergency repair services to routine maintenance for cinema lenses, and now genuine Cine-Mod® services.

Canadian residents can contact Salmo Cine here (www.salmocine.ca) to inquire about Cine-Modding and other lens services. Anyone else interested in lens modifications can chat with a Duclos Lenses representative here.

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