Leica-R Cine-Mod

A few quick picks from my bench of a Leica 60mm Macro lens being Cine-Modded. I’m sure you’ve all read countless posts about the Duclos Lenses Cine-Mod, but I use find the applications so interesting. People are finding the coolest old glass to use for cinema work and it just intrigues me so much. Have I mentioned that I love my job?  –  This specific lens received the works: An 80mm front ring, 32-pitch focus gear, damped/de-clicked aperture ring, and a fixed Eos mount. This little beauty will work great on just about an Eos mount camera including a RED Epic. Would love to see those results. Here are a few more pics.

Leica-R 60mm f/2.8 Elmarit Macro with focus gear and 80mm front ring.
A little look inside the rear focus assembly. A good amount of threads for extended macro travel.

Published by

Matthew Duclos

A lens technician by trade, Matthew has spent his life servicing, refining, selling, manufacturing, and collecting cinema lenses from around the world.

3 thoughts on “Leica-R Cine-Mod”

  1. It would be more cool if you were answering email. I’m buying some Leica-R and wanted to know if you could just sell/send me focus gears that I would press fit here in Italy. Cheers
    Alvise (alvise.tedesco at fastwebnet.it)

  2. “Circle of…” must be the most informative site on the web for professional insider advice on lenses and objective appraisals. Tahnsk ypou for taking gthe time to run the site and yoru invaluable information.

    Matthew – undoubtably as you have described, Leica lenses insofar as build-quaity and optics are far superior to nearly any other lens available of their type. With the number of lenses on the second-hand market it’s tempting to go the less expensive route to get the most-glass-for-the-buck which is self-defeating in many cases, but …

    Could you give us more on whether the 1 / 2 or 3 cam R-Series lenses are preferable for the Duclos Cine-Mod and if any given model is better suited.

    Regards – H

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