Angenieux 17-80mm Optimo

Angenieux 17-80mm T2.2 on the test projector.

A quick snap-shot while bench testing a 17-80mm for periodic maintenance. The modern breed of exotic zooms are both work-horses and delicate instruments of perfection at the same time. They require the highest level of calibration to perform at their maximum potential. The 17-80mm was the second lens to join Angenieux’s Optimo team back in the mid 2000’s and is still one of the best 35mm zoom lenses on the market. After regular use on a television series, this particular Optimo only needed minor back-focus calibration and exterior cleaning. It’s no wonder Angenieux is having trouble keeping up with demand for their zooms.

2 thoughts on “Angenieux 17-80mm Optimo

  1. In your opinion, when Angenieux built the Rouge DP series ( 16-42mm & 30-80mm) what did they change to make these lenses cheaper to build? Was it simply less coatings, or have they reduced the engineering somehow?

    1. Paul,

      I don’t see much difference in quality between the Rouge and Optimo series. I think it’s mostly marketing.

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