Rokinon Finally Adding a Much Needed 50mm (UPDATED)


Rokinon (Samyang, whatever brand you prefer) has been quick to jump into the world of motion picture lenses, using the optics and core mechanical design of their popular all-manual still photography lenses. The Rokinon lenses aren’t what most would consider professional, mostly because of their plastic housings, but the price, availability, and quality more than make up for their cheap feel. I’ve seen some very, very nice cinematic work shot with the Rokinon cine primes regardless of their “status” compared to the likes of higher-end cinema lenses. Currently, Rokinon offers an 8mm, 14mm, 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and an 85mm. This would be a pretty decent set of cinema primes if it only had the 50mm.

Rumors have been floating around for over a year that a 50mm would be available and it loos like the wait is finally over. Rokinon recently posted a photo to their Facebook page indicating the imminent announcement of a new focal length in their cine prime line-up. Additionally, a lot of the rumors floating around are claiming that the lens will feature a fast aperture of f/1.2. While I don’t know if this is true or not, a 50mm focal length in the Rokinon cine primes series will be a welcome addition at f/1.4 or faster.

Keep an eye on the blog for an update once officially announced. You can bet Duclos Lenses will offer a Pro Set with all the great focal lengths including a new 50mm, at a substantial discount!


Well there you have it. Rokinon officially announced the new 50mm with specs and a September ship date. The lens will offer a respectable aperture of T1.5 just like the rest of the fast primes. I know a lot of folks were hoping for a faster aperture but I think that matching the rest of the set is plenty fair. Naturally it will cover 35mm Full Frame and feature all the other accouterments as the rest of the Cine Prime line. The other great bit of news is the price: at $549, this is by far the most affordable 50mm Cine Prime currently available. Head on over to Duclos Lenses to pre-order the new 50mm Rokinon today!

3 thoughts on “Rokinon Finally Adding a Much Needed 50mm (UPDATED)

  1. Rokinon is a brand owned and promoted by Elite Brands Inc. of NYC. The lenses are actually designed and and made by Samyang Optics at their Masan, South Korea facility. Thus It makes much more sense to refer to the lenses as Samyang…

    1. Personally, it doesn’t really matter. Samyang, Rokinon, Bower, Vivitar, etc… They’re all the same. But I identify with Rokinon more than the others and it would be a pain in the arse to identify each and every brand every time a new product is released. Plus, Rokinon announced this on their Facebook page before Samyang did.

  2. I would love that they would think about having a metal housing on their lenses at a more affordable price than Zeiss. The image is great (Iused to own a kit) but it got slacky with use and I had to sell before it was late. Still the 50mm was what it was missing.

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