Cooke Unveils Details of New Anamorphic Zoom

CookeBack in April, at NAB, Cooke teased us all with a silhouette of a new zoom lens – the first zoom from the manufacturer since the workhorse 18-100mm, or if you recall the 15-40mm CXX from 2004… Then at Cine Gear earlier this year Cooke gave us a few more hints including the fact that the lens will be anamorphic. 

Film and Digital Times got the scoop on the brand new 35-140mm 2X anamorphic bazooka zoom from Cooke. It’s a hefty looking lens with a front anamorphic design which will produce the venerable anamorphic look that everyone is striving for right now. As for the speed, the aperture ring is visible in photos of the lens, but it almost looks like the markings are blurred out. So no word on the speed of this zoom.

With Cooke’s extensive line-up of anamorphic primes, this new zoom will be a perfect compliment to round out the 2X line. I didn’t include a photo of the lens because it appears that the only photo floating around the web originates from Film and Digital Times and simply stolen sourced from there in other news outlets. I’ll give Jon Fauer the credit he deserves and let you jump over to his website to check out the photo and other details here: DIAGON ALLEY!

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