Weekly News Roundup #2

Did you enjoy our lens news roundup from last week? Good… We’re going to keep it going. Here you’ll find little snippets of news that we found interesting throughout the inter-webs. On to the news!

1) 5th Density Productions tests out Veydra Mini Primes on GH4, A6300

While this is more of a camera test comparing the GH4 to the brand new A6300, the video does use the same Veydra Mini Primes on both cameras (finally someone with a bit of control to their test…) and even mounts the 16mm to the A6300 to show us exactly what you get with a lens that Veydra says isn’t meant for Super 35 format. Enjoy!


2) Camtec loves their lens flares

Photo Credit: Jon Fauer, Film and Digital Times

An article from Jon Fauer over at FDTimes.com touches base with Camtec – one of our favorite motion picture rental houses here in L.A. – regarding a new project they’re working on; experimenting with coatings on Cooke Anamorphic primes. Recently, Camtec achieved some excellent results with a set of Ultra Primes with some of their secret sauce which are available for rental. Check out the rest of the article over at FDTimes.com >


3) 2016 Oscar nominee lens choices

Bridge of Spies.png

The 2016 Oscars have come and gone with a few surprises and a lot of the usual… NoFilmSchool.com posted a nice article listing the cameras chosen for each feature. However, more intriguing to us is the list of lenses used as well. Just like the Oscars themselves, you’ll see a lot of what you expect, with a few surprises in between. Check out the original article here, and see if the lens choices were what you expected.


4) Venus Optics and their Laowa 105mm f/2


The new Laowa (which, to me looks like “NOM” with the font they use for engraving) 105mm is an interesting lens, which features some clever technology to render a most pleasing bokeh. Thanks to the apodization element and a pair (that’s right, a pair) of aperture diaphragms, the out of focus image is creamy and numb. The lens is also interesting to us because of it’s fully manual control of the focus and iris, as well as a click-less aperture for even better video application. 35mm Full Frame coverage, Nikon F, Canon EF, Pentax (who cares), Sony A and FE mounts. Check out all the specs and beautiful sample photos from their website here.



Tell us, what did we miss? Leave a comment below or drop a quick email to editor@thecinelens.com. See you next week…


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