Weekly News Roundup #6

Back to the weekly grind. It’s Monday. Let’s get it started right with a bit of light reading.

0.81x Wide Angle Adapter from Servicevision
Photo courtesy of Jon Fauer’s Film & Digital Times. See original >

Our friend Jon Fauer shared a quick post over on FDtimes.com about Servicevision’s new 0.81x wide angle adapter which features a 95m clamp-on for use with practically any 95mm lens. Shown here with the Leica Summilux-C primes. Check out the original article at FDtimes.com here >



Duclos Unleashes 8mm Fisheye Pod Lens for VR/Drones


Press releases went out last week for a project I’ve had the pleasure of working on with my fellow Duclos colleagues. The “Pod” lens is a robust, compact fisheye lens with a 180° FOV that makes it ideal for ultra high quality VR capture or drone work. Check out the product page over at DuclosLenses.com >


How To Become a Filmmaker – a satirical video

Here’s a quick little comedy piece about “How to become a filmmaker” (or at least it’s supposed to be satirical – some of it hits pretty close to home, ha!) from the folks at IFHT. Enjoy!

TLS Revamps Their Website


Our friends across the pond at TLS have relaunched their website with a easy to navigate, modern interface. This may seem like minor news topic, but coming from someone who frequented their website, it’s a very welcome update. You can browse the full range of services and products that TLS offer. Be sure to check out their Lens Rehousing section. TLS offer some of the cleanest, most advanced vintage lens rehousing in the world. Top notch work!


Duclos Lenses Shows Teaser Showcasing Their Macro Extension Tubes

A gorgeous pairing – the Duclos Macro Extension Tubes with their new Leica 70-180mm cinema conversion, Duclos Lenses dropped this quick teaser showing a couple of clips from an upcoming short featuring some of their newest projects. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for updates on this project.

Samyang Jumps Into Autofocus


Korean lens manufacturer Samyang, or Rokinon as they’re known elsewhere, have begun manufacturing their first range of autofocus lenses. Traditionally, Samyang was known for affordable, manual operation lenses. The new line starts with a pair of prime lenses, a 14mm f/2.8 and a 50mm f/1.4 designed for Full Frame E-mount cameras. We’ll be sure to get our hands on these and give you all an update as soon as they become available stateside. Check out the press release here >


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