Weekly News Roundup #7

Here’s a few bits from around the internet, just in case you missed them. Enjoy!

Science Channel Dissects a Cooke S4

While it’s a cool look inside a Cooke S4, it impressed us because it’s actually very accurate – unlike most technical junk that shows up on TV (e.g. “hacking”). Check out the quick video and then take a moment to appreciate the engineering behind such a beautiful lens.


Have a spare $1,000,000?

ebay listingUsed equipment retailer Calkovsky Cinema Worldwide put up a rather interesting listing on the eBay store recently. Titled “1000’S OF CINEMA LENSES 16MM 35MM MOVIE CAMERAS LOT ANGENIEUX COOKE ZEISS KERN”, which pretty much sums it up. The listing goes on to proclaim “Start your own business!”, “1000’s of quantity total!”, “TOO MANY TO PICTURE! TOO MANY TO LIST!” and plenty of other vague proclamations. Take a look at the listing here and decide for yourself if it’s worth a million dollars. The shipping is a bargain at only $999. That lot must weigh several hundred pounds after proper packing.


Sony 24-70mm G MASTER Tear Down

While we’re sharing lens guts videos, check out this YouTube video that Sony themselves posted of a 24-70mm G Master lens being torn apart. While this isn’t really a cinema lens, it’s still fun to see the insides of a complex, modern lens. Enjoy!


Veydra’s 1.2x Expander Has Begun Shipping


We covered this new product from Veydra recently and just heard that it’s officially shipping. Check out the full review from Matthew Duclos here or head straight over to DuclosLenses.com where you can find the new 1.2x Expander at a limited time sale price >


That wraps it up for this week’s news roundup. If there’s something interesting that we missed or of you have a question about a snippet, drop a comment below. Until next week!

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