SIGMA Scholarship Opportunity

SIGMA Corporation of America is celebrating their 60th Anniversary with a scholarship contest. Submissions open October 1st 2021 and each scholarship prize will be $7,500 with a total of $60,000 awarded. Here’s what SIGMA had to say…


60 Years of Capturing Moments That Move Us

Since day one, we’ve led with innovation and creativity, helping artists of all walks of life bring their visions to life. Through our history we recognize our community’s great impact—each photographer and videographer operating as the beating heart to our story.

And so on our 60th year, we will honor the legacy of SIGMA founder Michihiro Yamaki and the passing of the baton to his son and current CEO, Kazuto Yamaki, by giving away $60,000 in scholarships to aspiring young artists.

Thank you for joining us for 60 years of storytelling—we can’t wait to see what chapter unfolds next.

How it Works

We want to see your best photo or video that interprets and captures one of our four core values: authenticity, precision, inspiration, and honor. Showcase your best work for a chance to win a $7,500 scholarship prize.

Submission Categories:

For more information about this contest, click here. To shop SIGMA still and cinema lenses, click here.

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